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Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Shine Pomade 4 Oz - 2 Pack

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Only the best can be called Barber Grade. Sure other products have fancy labels and focus-group approved names. But are they really right for you? Cremo is here to help with a range of Barber Grade hair styling products designed to cut down the hairstyling confusion. Premium ingredients and clear labels. Because it’s better that way. Because no other hairstyling company does it like that. Because your hair deserves it. Tired of the guesswork that comes with finding hair styling products? Unclear labels. Bewildering names. Too many choices. Finding the perfect hair styling product is a frustrating challenge. We're here to help you find the right product without collecting an expensive drawer filled with one-time tries. Cremo Barber Grade Hair Styling Shine Pomade offers superior hold with some serious shine. It's especially effective for controlling thick hair and taming curls. Cut down the confusion and use your head with Cremo Barber Grade Hair Styling Products.


  • Slick pomade delivers a long-lasting polished look
  • High hold high shine
  • Best on thick or long hair especially on curls
  • Use in wet hair for a strong gel-like hold without the crispness
  • Mix in hand with any other Cremo Hair Styling Product for more shine and hold depending on the desired look


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